Saturday, April 19, 2008

Lisa Shari and Bohipnix Play Has Beans

It was Arts Alive April when Brandon Garland's Artwork shone and music flowed. Lisa Shari opened with her multitude of original angst ridden love songs and ballads. Encouraging audience participation, she enticed the crowd with rythem instruments and hollers. She even got Stevo (her ex-band mate from the Groovy Imbeciles) to play some eerie surf guitar to "Taking You Away", and our own chantreuse, Christine Walden to sing duo on "Hopscotch". After a brief intermission, Bohipnix took the stage and made things even cooler (if that was possible, baby) bringing their own brand of Bop and Roll. With our little green friend Kazoo on drums, oh, wait, that's Donny Hart, Grandma Dolf dude and squirrelly recycling man. ( He's hiding under his cousin It costume in the corner) Anyway, with Donny, Christine Walden,Franko Mancinelli, Stevo Vidnovic, David Giarrizzo and a whole lotta coffee and "cigarettes", we are Bohipnix. It's not quite a scene more as a lifestyle. Ciao

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