Monday, March 3, 2008

Scotch Wiggly Is Back!

Saturday was a real good rehearsal at Sanderson Manor. We played some new songs by Paul, “Sweet Virginia” and “Rock By Rock”, the first a sweet melody of a soldier pining for home, the second a glimpse into the life of a North Coast Salmon. We are still hoping to complete our recording sessions with Gary and Courtney of the Monster Women on Saturday here at the Crows Nest. So far we have recorded two songs of mine, “Endless Maze” and “Network TV Blues”, and a few of Stevo’s not to mention a new version of “Late One Night” by Jimi Jack, and Franko had a few up his sleeve,so, there is more to come. Stevo, Captain Flashback, Lisa Shari and I played up in the Art show above the Art Center Saturday. That was cool. Some of us will be playing Arts Alive at Has Beans on April 5th.